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    I Can Cook!

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    Learning Pythagoras Theorem at Haw Par Villa

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    Outside Classroom Time - English

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    Outside Classroom Time - Mathematics

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    Outside Classroom Time - Science


2012 April 30 : For Sec 3NS students only.

The solutions to the following worksheets can be found at my Flickr Website. Click the pictures below to view:

Worksheet R103
Worksheet R104
Worksheet R105
Worksheet R107
Worksheet R108
Worksheet R109
Worksheet 502
Worksheet 503
Worksheet 504

Or you can go to

Work hard for your exams!

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Our new module - Horse Care and Management.
This was a result of our belief that students can learn about care and they really do care!

Session two was all about cleaning up the stables.

More pictures here! >>>

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Website Still under construction.

Hello there! Welcome to Fun-In-Learning.Com.

Ever since Apple decided to stop their MobileMe services, i've been looking into alternatives to publish a similar website, and I've selected Rapidweaver to help me. Now I am very excited to present to you my newly revamped website!

This came about simply because I want to share with all my visitors the happy faces of my students during their experience in school. I'm not so much a writer so this website will show more photographs than words.

Enjoy yourselves here!

What's New here?
1. The Sec 2T1 visited MEMA during their NTcipate Life Programme
2. The 2NS and 3NS visited MEMA during their Sequoia Time

There is Fun in your Learning!

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